100% Electric Buses in Shenzhen, China

A green revolution, just that. Some media do not go with the back of the spoon when they echo the 100% electric fleet of the 20,000 buses that crisscross each day the Chinese megalopolis of Shenzhen, populated by 12 million souls.

Made by “Build Your Dreams”

And the superlatives are linked to comment on this “good” news: thanks to the local BYD (Build Your Dreams) electric vehicle, which holds 65% of the world market for nickel-cadmium batteries and is the world leader in lithium-ion batteries. , the city, realize, saves 500,000 tons of fuel and prevents the trifling 1.5 million tons of C02 released each year into the atmosphere. Certainly, viewed from this angle alone, we applaud; better, we bow. Especially as the Chinese state, which intends to caress in the sense of the hair the rest of the international community, decided by the end of the current year, to electrify also the 12 000 taxis of this city.

An ambitious zero-emission public transport policy from the Middle Kingdom, which is not without calculations, whatever the price to pay: “These projects are a unique opportunity to gain notoriety, especially abroad, and to attract investment “thus summed up perfectly with LibĂ©ration Sebastien Goulard, consultant and specialist in sustainable urbanization in China.