The Huawei Mate X

In the Mobile World Congress, the global telecom show held in Barcelona. Huawei has taken advantage of these four days of gaps between the two conferences to perform this Sunday, a demonstration of overwhelming force. By announcing a larger, thinner and more powerful foldable screen smartphone, the Chinese are demonstrating their ambition to become a world leader in innovation.

Size first!

The Huawei Mate X dominates by its size first, since once unfolded, its OLED screen reaches 8 inches by 5.4 millimeters thick, which makes it even thinner than an iPad and larger than an iPad mini. In the folded position, the front screen also exceeds the iPhone Xs Max and folded Galaxy Fold: it extends over 6.6 inches. The rear is slightly lower (6.36 inches) due to the presence of three Leica optics. A choice of the manufacturer that provides a larger overview of selfies than his rival, Samsung. Performance issue, the Mate X claims a record load time: it recovers in 30 minutes nearly 85% of its battery through a charging system of 55W. It also has the most powerful processor of the brand and must be compatible with the 5G.

The Price

By price finally, the Mate X is also positioned at the peaks: it will take 2299 euros to acquire the model, available “mid-2019” according to the manufacturer. In this regard, the Chinese come after Samsung, which promised marketing in the second quarter of 2019. The Korean has meanwhile chosen a lower price to market its Galaxy Fold, sold at around 2000 euros.

With these announcements, the Chinese group intends to continue its growth in the smartphone market. In 2018, it recorded sales growth of 35%, with 202 million smartphones sold worldwide. This commercial performance is worth it to be neck and neck with Apple. The two brands are fighting for second place on the podium behind Samsung. Above all, the Chinese are one of the few to have experienced such growth in a very jostled market.