porsche taycan electric cars 

Porsche Taycan Mission E electric car

Results of the year 2018, Porsche unveils new teaser photos of its new model star of the year 2019, the Taycan. If the photos are not visualized, they are related to the Porsche Mission E concept, unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017, is quite marked. The Taycan takes some of the styling elements of the new 911, including the taillights. What to expect the first electric Porsche will shoot 0 to 100 km / h in less than 3.5 s, a time equivalent to that of a 500 hp…

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BYD bus electric cars 

100% Electric Buses in Shenzhen, China

A green revolution, just that. Some media do not go with the back of the spoon when they echo the 100% electric fleet of the 20,000 buses that crisscross each day the Chinese megalopolis of Shenzhen, populated by 12 million souls. Made by “Build Your Dreams” And the superlatives are linked to comment on this “good” news: thanks to the local BYD (Build Your Dreams) electric vehicle, which holds 65% of the world market for nickel-cadmium batteries and is the world leader in lithium-ion batteries. , the city, realize, saves…

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article 13 politics 

Save the internet from “EU’s Article 13”

“This is a historic victory for European creators, who will now be able to exercise their rights and receive fair remuneration for platforms such as YouTube,” welcomed the European grouping of societies of authors and composers (GESAC), which represents more than one million beneficiaries in the field of music, visual arts, audiovisual, theater … what is EU’s Article 13? The text aims to adapt to the digital age the European copyright law, dating from 2001, a time when YouTube did not exist. Proponents of the reform insisted that American giants,…

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Amazon alexa tech 

A body for Amazon Alexa

At a conference on artificial intelligence, the scientific leader of Amazon’s voice assistant, Rohit Prasad, said that a body would allow the voice assistant to gain intelligence. A body to better understand the world As MIT Technology Review recalls, “Alexa has many advantages over a human brain – like access to a vast encyclopedia of useful facts.” This allows him to determine if the user is talking about a person, a place or an object. On the other hand, voice assistants reach limits by the absence of physical links with…

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apple airpower tech 

Apple AirPower is dead

Apple finally decided to draw a line on the AirPower, it’s wireless charging mat that played the Arlésiennes for a year and a half. Announced at the launch of the iPhone X in September 2017, the accessory was supposed to simultaneously recharge up to three Apple devices. “After much effort, we concluded that AirPower would not meet our high standards and we canceled the project” Apple killed AirPower in the bud Apple killed AirPower in the bud. This is the first time that the brand gives up the launch of…

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mate x cell phones 

The Huawei Mate X

In the Mobile World Congress, the global telecom show held in Barcelona. Huawei has taken advantage of these four days of gaps between the two conferences to perform this Sunday, a demonstration of overwhelming force. By announcing a larger, thinner and more powerful foldable screen smartphone, the Chinese are demonstrating their ambition to become a world leader in innovation. Size first! The Huawei Mate X dominates by its size first, since once unfolded, its OLED screen reaches 8 inches by 5.4 millimeters thick, which makes it even thinner than an…

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audi e-tron electric cars 

Audi e-tron 100% electric SUV

Motorization of the Audi e-tron Inspired by the Audi e-tron Quattro concept, presented at the 2015 edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Audi e-tron will use two electric motors, one per axle. Assembled in Györ, Hungary, these engines offer two modes of operation: In conventional mode, both engines deliver up to 265 kW of power and 561 Nm of torque. In this first case, the power of the front engine is limited to 125 kW and 247 Nm and that of the rear engine to 140 kW and 314…

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godaddy web hosting web hosting 

GoDaddy Web Hosting

Overview GoDaddy is exceptionally well-known within the hosting niche, usually serving as web site owners’ introduction to the globe of internet hosting. the corporate makes it implausibly simple and cheap for people to decide on a site name, join up for hosting, and begin building their online business or personal internet property. where a proverbial for its domain, email, and shared hosting services, GoDaddy offers choices for virtual and dedicated servers further. the corporate makes the upgrade method as seamless as doable, thus you shouldn’t pull away from scaling your…

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Bluehost web hosting web hosting 

BlueHost Web Hosting

Overview Bluehost is a well-liked web host, best-known for its beginner-friendly products and services and WordPress website hosting. But the pace, performance, and buyer fortify are king. How do they ranking on these factors? here you’ll be informed what Bluehost provides and if they’re good for you. BlueHost’s shared hosting plans are competitively priced and most Bluehost hosting plans come with a free domain name, however, that applies just for the first-term, as all of them renew at their regular costs, that tend to be around 2x the cost. The…

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hostgator web hosting web hosting 

HostGator web hosting

Overview HostGator has been around for quite a decade and is well-respected for its sizable amount of servers and consistent reliableness. identified principally as a shared hosting supplier, HostGator still provides tight dedicated and VPS choices if you would like your website to scale. Aimed primarily at the semi-technical user, HostGator’s flexibility is its sturdy suit. Dedicated, VPS, and Windows hosting is accessible if that matches your wants. For those who want it, root access, SSH, and support for Ruby, Perl, Python, and alternative languages are accessible on all plans. HostGator prices touch quite a number of the opposite budget-minded shared hosts, however, that contributes to the brand’s name, infrastructure, and user support. HostGator offers tight options in its…

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